sex situations

Try these sex positions to have a good time and burn many calories simultaneously. Sex is often touted as an effective form of exercise, but is this the case? When using a treadmill or an all-body cross trainer, it’s simple to keep track of how many calories we’ve burned. As a generation obsessed with numbers, we have no time for guesswork. As a result, we’ve calculated how many calories men and women burn in various sex positions like 69 xxx.

Parallel to each other

Face each other while laying on your side and making love. While in this position, both partners benefit from the flexibility to move about and the ability to provide manual clitoral stimulation.

Dressed in canine fashion

Doggy style and deep penetration may be achieved by occupying the highest places. The best sex position is when the providing partner grips the receiving partner’s waist and then thrusts while grinding the hips in a circular motion. The G-spot is accessible from this posture. It is recommended that both parties use their fingers and sex gadgets like vibrators to stimulate the clitoris throughout sexual intercourse.

Morning Sex

It’s in your hands now.

Spooning is a sex position that, when done correctly, can be both relaxing and satisfying. Allowing the guy to sit in the rear will also relieve some of the tension on his face. This posture is ideal for those sensitive to eye contact. Using a vibrator to stimulate the clitoris would be a fantastic addition.

Lie down on the chair

Lie on a couch or chair so that you and your loved one don’t have to be upright. The receiver and giver sit on each other’s laps, and they can either face each other or not. Do this only if you’re comfortable with the sensation of being cuddled. Because of the excellent pelvic contact, you don’t have to feel self-conscious if your eye contact isn’t there.

A wall-mounted mirror

Stand in front of the mirror and engage in a sex act. You can see, feel, and connect to this excellent position. It also helps you cultivate a sense of self-acceptance and self-confidence. So, if you or one of your friends are short, you should invest in a stool that won’t move.

We all know that the 69 is a sexy motion since we’re intelligent, sex-addicted grownups who know better. Although it is a certain two-digit number from 68 to 70, 69 also arises in other settings. The president’s tweet, for example.


Almost everyone on the internet is sexually aroused. Horny people are everywhere on the internet. There’s nothing like a single click to express, “I’m thirsty,” and that’s precisely what selfies and likes do. In the real world, everyone is always “horned up and ready to go” because of the power of biology. On the internet, though, sex may take on unexpected forms. There is now just one valid answer to the number 69xxx, as there was before.