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An escort is a female person who is paid to spend time with the other person. They may accompany the person on an occasion such as dinner, business meetings, or simply spend time. Escortsmay work with the person for several days and weeks. Some of them might indulge in sexual activity with another person.

Escorts VS Prostitute

  • Escorts: They are paid by the person to attend some social gathering or just to spend some time with them. In some countries, they are not allowed to do intercourse. They are just present to accompany the person in the social events. They are presentable and attractive. They are suitable options to present in front of friends, family, business partners, etc. They may come into the contract for several days to a week.
  • Prostitutes: Prostitutes are involved in sexual activities and are available for a very short period. The prostitute does not attend any occasion with the person who paid them. They were only hired for intercourse. Prostitutes are charged by the hour.

toronto escort directory

Benefits of hiring the escorts

Escortsare presentable and well-mannered women who are hired to attend any occasion with the men. The hiring of them can save marriage because no sexual act is involved. The people will not judge the person because they are not a prostitute. There are no complications involved while hiring them. They are easily available and, a person has lots of options to choose from.

Cons of hiring escorts

  • Scams: Some agencies are filled with scams. People who hire the escort may get looted or robbed by them. It is important to hire an escort from a genuine company.
  • Blackmail: The woman who got hired may collect some secret information about the person and may try to blackmail them.
  • Sexually transmitted disease: Although the agency has all the tested women in some cases, there is the risk of getting a disease such as HIV, Syphilis, etc.This can be done by choosing them from the low rated agency.
  • Lack of transparency: A person cannot determine whether the hired individual is underage or not. A person does not know whether the individual has come to the business on their own or, someone has forced them.

Online Escort Services

There is a belief that prostitution is very bad. Whether it is good or bad that doesn’t matter. The main thing is those women are also human they deserve respect. They also have some personal reasons for coming into this sector. Some women arrive to this sector to earn money and save their family. By seeing their occupation and hurting their feelings is very bad. They should be treated as a human in this society.

toronto are the agencies who has been paid by the other person to spend time with them and, attend some occasions with them such as business meetings, dinner, etc. No sexual activity is performed during the hiring but, if a person wants to then they can do it. But they are not meant for intercourse. They are meant to attend social gatherings as they are presentable in front of friends and family.